Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Car

So in the beginning of April one day i came home from work and turned my car off. The next day i went to start my car and it wouldn't start. I had Brent my brother look at it, he had ideas but not totally sure. So than when Kasey dad came from Utah to visit he took a look at my car but wasn;t totally sure. SO i decided if i got a Mechanic to look at it, one of my customers at Macys husband owns his own Biz and i thought surely this would be the answer. But as it turns out Volvos are really hard cars to work. Since they are German/foreign cars. You need someone who specializes in this area. Well i finally decided to sell the broke down mazda on craigslist. It turns out the guy who called for it knows how to work on volvo and we did a trade on the mazda for the repair of the volvo. So now my car works, Ya sweet. Kasey gave me lots of rides to and for, sweet guy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Temple trip w The Buhlers may 6th 2011

On Friday May 6Th Me and Kasey went to the temple w the Buhlers(Jennifer and Dan). I look back at the journey we are all on. I am so proud of Jennifer and Dan that they got to there goal and will work to make sure their family is together forever! It was so nice to be at that sweet peaceful place w my best Friend my forever sister! I love you! It was really nice to also be there as couples on date night, what better place to be than at the temple, Heaven On Earth!

May 2nd- Sec haircut

So i decided it was time to cut Kasey hair again. I had a lot more confidence this time. I could tell i did so much better. I decided i would try cutting the top of it. I just winged it and cut. I am not sure i did it straight but i figured oh well. Does it matter, how can you even tell, lol. And it grows so fast. Kasey said it is relaxing when i cut his hair. I am so glad he isn;t one of those guys that is all fussy about his hair, so if i do a bad job he is cool w it and just in case i had a coupon for great clips for 6.99 haircut lol! I even styled it and i think i did a pretty good job! What a hottie, lol!

Grandma Bday March 15th 2011

On March 15th My grandma turned 92 and i still kickin lol! Actually she didn;t look so good here since she has just gotten over Pneumonia. We were a little worried cause looked almost like heavenly father was going to take her home but she is really good now and looks really good. I made her put that bday hat on lol. Which she was okay w. She loves people. Oh she likes Kasey a lot she looks at him and smiles and than looks at me. I know she is happy for me!

April 28th My haircut

On April 28th i got my haircut. I needed it so bad. I had her take off so much off the back. I like it! Kasey liked it to but he doesn;t care whatever i like and makes me happy he likes! :)

Found cool new sites to help w Primary!

I found these really cool new sites to help me w primary, i feel like sush a pro and have learned so much over the year in primary. I just love Primary so much. It totally helped me w my lessons. Great Ideas! Also this past sunday i took kasey to my ward and he came to primary(singing time, sharing time and class) and got to see what i do every week.



Monday, May 16, 2011

First Hair Cut

When Kasey parents came they bought him a haircut kit. I always wanted to cut a mans hair or try. I love learning new things. So he decided he would let me cut his hair. I was so scared i was going to do terrible and wasn't that confident. I kept laughing as i was doing cause i was afraid it wasn't going well. Kasey was so patient and said well he could wear a hat most of the time and at church just explain that his GF cut his hair. I kept asking him if he was scared yet, lol. He kept saying no. I wouldn't let him see himself in the mirror till i was all done. I didn't cut the top cause i was too scared i would do terrible and it wasn;t too long anyways. He might have gotten a little scared at the end cause i kept asking him if he was. But in the end it turned out not to bad. and i looked really cute that day in the pink shirt his mom bought me at DI my first time their. Me and Kasey look like such a cute couple!

Monday, May 9, 2011


So my car has been broken for a while since the being of April which i am about ready to have a fit over. But i went visiting teaching today and had made appointments w intending i was going to ride the bike there but the tires were low but i decided i would try anyways. Have you ever tried to ride a bike w low tires well i got on to the highway and thought i was going to die. U have to push so hard w your thighs. I decided to turn around and go home. So i asked the crazy neighbor across street if i could borrow a bike but he said no he doesn't have one but i know they do but he is little crazy. I was trying to think how i would get there my bro said no i couldn't borrow his car so i was going to walk but i was blessed that the neighbor Erica was leaving and took me to first house and was so sweet and asked me if she wanted her to come back and get me on her way back to where she had to go too. I was so happy she asked! than she took me to the next house and dropped me off. She isn't a member but her ex is and i asked her if she new what i was doing, visiting teaching, she said yes she did. I than walked home from last visit and enjoyed the walk home(as i talked on the phone to my BF) i think about a mile or so. I was thinking how blessed i was that i was able to get done what i needed to and how heavenly father puts right in the way the things we need, they may not always be what we want but we need.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Meeting the parents

On April 8th i meet Kaseys Parents. They are from small town in UT. They picked me up from work on that fri afternoon. We stopped at the store to grab something. I was so nervous to meet them. I wanted to make a really good impression on them. Right away i could tell how sweet they were holding hands and sweet to each other. And they were very kind to me. We came back to the apartment and me and kasey made dinner chicken Enchiladas. Which turned out really good. I put combo of a few recipes together and made up my own. I will post the recipe sometime later. Than we played phase ten and i won, i guess you would think i would sugar coat it and let them win but i am competitive. So i smoked them all!
On sat morning they all came out to get me and his dad looked at my car to see what was wrong w it. He couldn't do anything for it. While they did that i finished getting ready. we made a few stops at the store and so on than back to the apartment, changed in the dress clothes. We than we went to the temple to do an endowment session w his parents. Which was really nice and we took pics after. Than we(Kasey. me and his parents) went to early dinner(330) at Tucanos Brazilian Grill, and my mom also met us their. which was really good and we were stuffed when we left, there was no need to eat anything else the rest of the day. My mom liked his parents and i think they liked my mom.
Than the four of us went shopping at DI my first time being in there since i was a teen which was for a YW activity. His mom was looking for pioneer trek clothes and i had a list of things kasey need at his place he didn't have. We split up our seperate ways in the store his parents and us. And than i looked at clothes and found me a cute shirt and Kasey tried to find pants. We tried on clothes and modeled for each other. kasey had no luck as he couldn't find tall and skinny pants, lol.
than we went and rented two movies and went back to his apartment and we watched one and decided we could watch another, i forgot what movies we watched but it was a nice fun day! Than it was late and kasey took me home. His parents left the next morning to head home back to UT. It was a nice fun weekend that went really well. It did go so fast too. I really loved his parents they were so sweet and his mom is so funny her personality just made me laugh. They were really cute together.

Preparing for the parents

Kasey parents were coming and so i came over and helped him get his place together for them. Not that it wasn't clean, cause he is pretty clean but he is still a guy. So i thought we would do it the way a girl would. I helped him reorganize things, w my strong suggestions, but always his choice and he trust me that i know what i am doing. See i am a clean freak and organizing is my speciality. We did the bathroom, his bedroom, kitchen. I don't like clutter, so we de-cluttered. I made sure the whole time i was not over stepping my bounds and he was OK w what i did. I think he liked a just took over. It was so fun for me! But at the end of the day i was so tired that Tues evening. When i came the next time he had the living room all done. So we got to relax and prepped the dinner for the next night. The next day he told me how nice it looked and how much he appreciated my help in doing that. His parents thought it looked really nice too!