Wednesday, August 25, 2010

aug 23 Fair

I went to the fair on monday night this week w a friend from work. It was family day at the fair so no smoking or drinking was allowed. Which usually draws a much better crowd to the fair. I think the fair here is a little trashy at times, when its not family day! We had so much fun. I love to ride rides but it cost so much to ride rides here and Sapna really didn;t want too so i was all cool w that. We looked at all the booths for hours it was fun. We tried on hats and things at some of the little areas. One guy got mad at us for trying on these Indian head things(they have gold things all over it) well if you are going to buy don;t you need to try on(well but we weren't going to buy) so we just ran away laughing. We looked at rings and stuff. I got my sister a cute little ring and it cost me a whole dollar, lol. Than we went to the golds gym booth and got to spin this wheel to win a prize. I spun it and won a gym bag and Sapna spun it and won a 30day membership and than asked if i wanted to trade..YA i don;t need a gym bag(i have one)...SO Yahoo I now have a 30 day free gym member ship YA!!! Worth the 7 dollars i had to pay to get in(rip off). Than we decided to get our palms read, which was fun, my friend is funny she tries to tells the lady things that aren;t true like she is married and stuff to throw the lady off, lol! It is all for fun and giggles! And than we decided we were hungry so we went to look for the Pita stand agian (we went to the fair last year together also). So we ate ranch chicken pitas OH My they are so good.I want one now, lol! YUMM! Than she wanted an ice cream and i wanted a funnel cake so we found those stand..I love fair food its the best..bad but you have to be bad for a day doesn;'t hurt lol! We ran into a few people from work, chatted a bit and realized it was almost 11pm and so we left. I know my friend had so much, she was so happy and much she wanted to go agian..we'll see, i don't know.....

Aug 10th the big D!!!

On Dec 26 me and Brett(my ex Husband) seperated. Lots of things had happened over the years and sadly divorce was spiritually the answer. A new meaning of together forever, jk. It just shows you how real satan is, and that he wants to destroy the family. Which is happening all over the world. We are taught all the time what we can do to strengthen are familes. So many are getting in that water when it is luke warm and don't notice as the tempeture slowly rises before it is too late.

On Aug 10th my divorce was final. It is a good thing. It was a growing experience which has taught me so much and how strong i am. I feel like right now i can take on anything, but really please not now i would like to take a break:) lol! Now it is time to start a new Chapter in my life, which will be full of happiness, smiles and little bit of trials.

Monday, August 9, 2010

pink eye 2nd time

Ok so this is now the second time i got pink eye. I got pink eye the first time on June 25. And my eye was all red again on Sat so i went to my eye doc this time and surely i had pink eye again, ugh. here is a pic i took. the eye doc said it was coming from the contacts i am wearing. they are made for day and night, but they must be weaking my eye and casuing stress. So i have to take the contacts out everynight and see what happens.

july 13 me old fam photos

one evening on july 13 me and my mom were going threw old family photos. I post on Fb so my sisters could enjoy a laugh but i removed from there. I will share them w you here and some of the comments that were made, my sister was in Az visiting my other sis at the time and she had never even seen some of these pics and those two were laughing so hard at the same time. My sister Andrea said what happen to me in the sec pic the first pic was so cute of me i ended up w a mushroom on my head in the sec(thank you Grandma!) which she said she(andrea sitting on my older sis lap) had the cutest hair in that pic. And my older sis Erica said it looked like she borrowed dorthys dress i told her dorthy wants her dress back l0l. the 3rd pic looked like i stuck my finger in a light socket, lol! The 4th pic is the last family pic we got before Doug(my stepdad) pasted away and Erica & her husband Joe are missing in pic and the last pic is like the worst none of us matched i remember we were all so mad we had to take this dumb stupid pic and most of the kids were missing also. Lisa Attidute is just like becky now in the pic they look so much a like. Good times!!

4th of July

Oh the fourth of July well we celebrated it on July 3rd and had a bbq at my sisters house in Meridian and than took the kids down to the swimming pool for a bit. And than we went back to the house and did fireworks, which i don;t care for so much but i love how excited the kids are to watch them and it was the babies first year to see fireworks and they just bounced up and down(they loved!). And than on the 4th in the late evening we all(our whole fam) met at Ann Morrision park to watch the fireworks and brought yummy treats to share. The fireworks were cool but i so miss that area of town. I used to live in south east boise and it was my fav area to live in and go to the parks all the time, i so miss it! Maybe when i move i will move to that area but only if i can find something cheap.


I am really not good at this blog thing. So a while ago i got a calling in my new ward as sunbeam b teacher. I have really enjoyed it even though there are times that are challenging to me, but i have to think what i can do different to make it better and just remember to really most important listen to the spirit to guide me in teaching, and hopefully i can be a better teacher cause right now i feel like a not so good one but working on.