Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding day Jan 21 2012

On Jan 21 2012 Kasey and Jennifer were married in the Bountiful UT temple for time and all eternity. It was the most amazing day ever! It was a perfect day! I have a long story to tell about that day! Somethings i will never forget that i will be able to tell my children.

Jenn's Bridal Shower Jan 19 2012

My best friend Jennifer Buhler threw me a bridal shower on Jan 19th 2012. A whole bunch of the girls volunteered their time to pull off the best most awesome bridal shower. A special thank you to Jennifer Buhler, Rachel Thacker,Kelli Mohrmann, Jaymalee Johnson, Camie Jordan and Janice Hendry. Camie Jordan made the cutest cake and Janice punch was awesome, later i will post the recipe for it.

Banana Trifle

Banana Trifle

1(3.4-ounce) Box of instant banana pudding mix
1 cup cold water
1(14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 small carton of frozen whip topping(like cool whip)
Vanilla Wafers
half a loaf pound cake(store bought or homemade)
2 large bananas sliced

In a Medium bowl, combine pudding mix, cold water and sweetened condensed milk. Mix well and place in the refrigerator for a few mins. Thaw frozen topping and fold in 1 cup of whip topping into the pudding mix and return to the fridge.Cut the pound cake into cubes. You can use a trifle dish or a glass bowl. Begin layering w first your pound cake, make an even layer across the bottom. Than layer half of your pudding mix on top of that. Slice your banana(thin OR thick) I did mine thin. make an even layer of banana slices on top of pudding mix. Than use half of the remaining whip topping and layer evenly on top of bananas. Take a few handfuls of vanilla wafers and crumble in your hand on top of whip topping. Repeat layers using the rest of the pound cake, pudding, bananas and whip topping. than crumble more of the wafers on the top.You can use more of less of anything you want to your liking.

wow i am no good at blogging

I am so bad at blogging! I guess cause i am too busy and i am slow and takes me a million years to do it, it takes me forever to write a novel!