Thursday, February 27, 2014

First swing ride

Yesterday was almost 60 degrees out. We love the beautiful weather. I took Faith to the park down the street in the afternoon. She went on the swing for the first time. She wasn't sure at first but really like it after a bit. 

We ran into some people from the other ward in our stake and stayed and chated for a bit till I needed to get home. I can't wait for the next time it is warm for all 3 of us to go, mommy, daddy and Faith to the park. 

It's a raining day today. We know the moisture is really good (very much needed) but the sunshine really lifts my spirits.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

11 months old today!

Faith turned 11 months old today. 

Time has sure gone by fast. I can't believe in one month she will be 1. Lately she is getting so fast at everything. She is pulling herself up to everything. She can't get enough standing. I put her down and before I know it I turn around and she is back at the family room table standing. 

She is a huge joy. She lights up our lives!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bread making

Ok so I have decided I want to learn how to make bread. This was my first attempt. 

It turned out heavy and hard on the outside. I will have to keep trying. I either had a rising problem or a kneading problem. I was reading some tips and techniques on the website for the brand of yeast. I will keep trying. I know it takes practice and I hope to get much better at it. But the other half of the dough I rolled into rolls. I re-kneaded them. And I used them in this really yummy pull apart pizza bites I made . Recipe to come later . 

It's been a long time!

So much has gone on. We had our baby girl on March 26th 2013. She will be 11 months tomorrow. She is as cute as can be. Her personality is one of a kind. 

She is pulling herself up to the furniture and walking around it so easy. She is growing to fast.

She finds herself stuck in all kinds of places, lol. Mommy to the rescue.

Being a mom is amazing. I am not going to lie it started out kind of rough. With her being colic for the first 4 months and me having post pardum depression. I didn't know the signs and didn't find out till 3 months post. People around you see it in you first . It was so nice to talk to and learn of other mothers that went threw the same thing. I am pretty sure the next time I want to try placenta encapsulation.