Thursday, May 31, 2012


On our wedding night we stayed in a cute cozy bed and breakfast called SnowBerry Inn in Eden Ut by Huntsville. we stayed in the Monte Cristo room. The next day we traveled to Coalville Utah in which we stayed in a cute little cabin. We traveled all over Utah a few days out of the week. It was a very memorable honeymoon.  One day we went to the Draper Temple, we did a endowment session and than went to Ikea(Oh wow i love that store). Another day we went to Salt lake City and did some shopping, went to see the Joseph Smith movie, looked around temple square and than went out to dinner at red lobster where i met Elder Richard G Scott. We left on that Thursday to come home and cause i had to take pics of the cabin i was coming down the stairs(they were very narrow and steep) I fell down the stairs and Kasey was at the bottom but he couldn't do anything but watch me fall as they were to narrow, he felt so bad but i was ok just a little bumps and bruises.

Monte Cristo room

Morning on our way out

our view from snowberry Inn

Draper temple someone had to take the pic

kasey and jenn in front of Christ

Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane

on the Marriage Pedestal

salt Lake Temple

cabin view from upstairs

cabin Kitchen


Reception in Star, ID Jan 28 2012

Thanks to tia Dowdle for making our cake!

ha ha i ordered that topper from china


my family

our photographer did a awesome job

Cornia family

my older sister did all the decorations, thank you!
On January 28 Kasey and I had our reception in Star, Id. It was such a joyous night. we got to see so many wonderful people. Kasey mom and dad(from Utah), brother& sister-in Law(Trevor & cami, & little Parker came from Las Vegas.) And of course all my family was there. We had a dessert table, a photo booth ran by my brother and sister in law, and had no intentions of having a line as we had no bridal party of our choice but a line formed around us, lol oh well! It was a busy busy busy night, wow i was tired out!