Thursday, July 26, 2012

Callings-Primary Pres & Executive Secretary

So last month our ward split. They actually redid the boundaries for the Boise Central Stake, so many other wards w in the stake changed. We were in the bitterooot ward and we taught sunbeams together. We are now in the Colehaven ward. Last week was the craziest week of our lives. On Tuesday i was extended the calling as the Primary President , i am excited and nervous. I have so much to learn but i have learned so much already. Than on Thursday someone from the high council came over and extended the call to Kasey as the ward Executive Secretary, which i know he will do an amazing job at and we will support each other so much. We are each active in our callings now. I will learn so much and can't wait to bring my talents to the calling. Our lives just got busier lol. There is one more thing but i will write about later. we feel we have been so blessed. Life has given us so many wonderful gifts and its time to give back.