Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Moon!

Okay i had a gift card and decided after i got my fridge sold i would go get me a present. So i went to Walmart and i bought the movie new moon! I so love twilight! Okay i hadn't seen the movie since it was in the theaters and it just truly broke my heart! This time as i watched the movie i felt the emotions so much stronger being sensitive, but i so loved the end even more now!!!! I can feel the emotions decribed in the book as i am watching the movie and i can picture it just as it is, no movie can do justice to a book but i truly understand this and the movie is FAB! It is a love story unlike anything i have ever known for myself! Where is Edward? Okay i have to watch this 5 more times but don't worry not tonight! Okay so i am so excited for the next movie and i am even taking the day off and having a girls night out! We are going to dinner probably the olive garden and than the movie. JUNE 30th is when it comes out but we might wait till the weekend to see it! I am so excited i am going to the watch the Eclipse trailer now!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Sunday! 4-4-2010

Brooke and Jade after we got home i took these pics when they were playing in the backyard.
On Easter Sunday we went to Lisa house(my sisters). We had a really nice time. And it was really nice to have Andrea here. We had brunch which we had the most yummy food. Okay i like food and i was so bad that day. There was all kinds of bad food there, Fried potatos, potato casserole, egg casserole, butterscotch rolls, a strata that Andrea made wow she is an amazing cook! and so many more pasties and fruit salad. Usually my family goes all out on the food.

for some reason my pics never have pics of adults in them from the family but i guess that is cause no one wants there pic taken. So these are all my nieces and nephews. and those two baby boys are twins so its not the same baby. I couldn't tell you which is Jake and Which is Jesse but the kids could tell ya!

I was holding Bristol she was about 5.5 months old here. the next time i see her she will be so much bigger.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Andrea & families visit

Andrea, her husband and kids came here to visit all the way from Yuma AZ. They arived here on March 29 really late that night. The previous weekend the whole family but me all met in Park City UT for the baby blessing of andrea baby Bristol and than the following day they left for Idaho. They stayed here w my mom and me for over a week. I really enjoyed getting to see my sister Andrea even thought i worked the whole week straight threw. I enjoyed getting to spend the time i had w my nieces. The last time i saw the girls was when Andrea was here last Aug. Jade, the almost three year old, didn't really remember me but warmed up to me real fast. And this was the first time i got to see and meet baby Bristol since Andrea was pregnant when she was here last. Brooke remembered me and she just amazes me how intelligent she is, she is just like her mother. The one pic is of just the girls and the other is of the girls and becky(which I can tell she really loves all her nieces and nephews a lot). Okay i have no pics of Andrea on this trip but most adults don;t usually like there pics taken.

Friday, April 2, 2010

crazy days

Wow i had a crazy day yesterday. I can't even begin to talk about it. work was crazy, satan was for sure working on me i guess casue i was going to the temple last night. Sometime i have these and there like nightmares i don;t want to relive lol. Or like can i rewind the day adn start over. but at the end of thurs it was great and super spiritial and than by the next day it was back to crazy but that was my fault cause i made it that way i had a choice to choose different attitude! Oh well what is done is done now what can i learn from the days. I topk pics of my nieces and they are so cute my sister is here from AZ right now.