Sunday, October 5, 2014


This one is a big one. In the end of Augusted we made an announcement. Actually Faith made the announcement we shared w Friends, family and etc. This is how she announced it.

Yes we are expecting a baby. Due date is March 26(mind it's Faith Bday) 2015. But since our first OB appointment it's actually changed each time. So I will say the end of March. Faith doesn't really know what she is getting into w this sign, lol. Actually I am sure she will be a great big sister and love her sibling. Oh my yikes we took so many pics of Faith holding the sign. She loves the camera.

We are so excited. In November we will find out the sex. I am now currently 15 weeks and I am in second trimester now.

Bedroom transformation

First I have to say I am not good at blogging. It is my intention but it doesn't happen. In the beginning of August we decided to do some bedroom remodel/ change things around. Our AC vent was right at the head of the bed almost part way under the bed. Our room has always been about 10 degrees hotter or a little more than downstairs. We do have central air. I just couldn't live w out it. I get so hot(grandma always said I had good cirrulation). If I over heat I am not a happy camper. I just couldn't handle it and I said ok we need to see what we can do. So I thought about how things could be moved and changed. One afternoon we spent most of the time changing our room. Ha and w a toddler who got into everything as we worked on it. 

I didn't remember to take before pics but this is after. 

Believe me when I tell you it looks so much better. We have even more room also. 

You wouldn't believe how much cooler our room is w the bed not being just part way on it. We love it! 
We also got a chance to clean up a bunch of clutter and junk we had in our room, I don't know but some how that stuff multiplies. I was planning on moving the pictures around and as I see I haven't gotten to that yet. And also putting up some pics of Faith in our room. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bread making

I decided to make these French toast roll ups and I ended it using all my bread. I knew I had no plans of going to the grocery store that day. An idea popped in my head that I would try bread making AGAIN! All the other times it just didn't turn out quite right. So I didn't have enough white flour but I also had some wheat flour. I read up on baking bread w wheat flour, tip: make sure you add more water than. When I made the cinnamon rolls I learned a lot. That recipe had step by step instructions, even how to add the flour. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. So I used my cousins bread recipe. So I used less flour at a time and really let it knead into the dough. I also learned just cause it says 12 c of flour depending on the envioment it may not really need that much. Mine took 9.5. Okay the next thing I discovered my mixer can't handle that much dough. So next time I am going to have to half the recipe. I ended up finishing the kneading on the counter. My little cutie pie loves to now help momma in the kitchen. It doesn't matter what I am doing. She learned to climb up on our kitchen chairs this week and learned how to climb up on the metal chairs at church today. 

Look I got her washing dishes already, lol.
 Now the bread is rising!
And the finished product. 

I have to say I was pretty pleased. One tradition my aunt had when she baked bread she always shared a loaf w either a neighbor, friend etc. I decided I wanted to do the same. I really thought about who I wanted to share it w. Two days went by and I am like oh no I have to do it today. You know how you get busy with all kinds of stuff. I had decided on sharing my bread w a very special lady who is like my grandma. I had met her in the temple(she is a temple worker, Janice). She is so special to me! She had also never seen Faith. So after Faith's nap we just hopped in the car and went. I had actually found out she had been sick when we got there. She was so happy to see us, loved Faith of course. And like wise, we were happy to visit her and wished her well. That was such a sweet day!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Grilling w charcoal!

So I bought a charcoal grill used off a website, I think for a good deal. It's a red mini one (weber). Well I have never used a charcoal grill. I asked Kasey what I needed and off I went to the store to collect the things I needed. I marinaded the chicken breast in teriyaki sauce for a few days. I hadn't intended to marinade it for a few days, but things came up and we hadn't made it to the store yet. So I watched a YouTube video on how you use a charcoal grill, lol. YouTube, it's my go to when I don't know how to do something and Kasey wasn't available. I used lighter fluid on the coals. it took me a little bit to get the coals all lite.
I felt pretty impressed. 
 I was having a little bit of a struggle but than I got. Just throw on my lighter fluid, pow! lol. Well once the coals were all heated I threw on the chicken. 
Lookin pretty good!

Well it's all done. It looks yum and taste yum. It's what's for dinner. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

First time making cinnamon rolls

Ok so I had pinned this recipe from this blog a long time ago. I got this huge craving for cinnamon rolls. I decided ok I am going to make this for our FHE treat. I started at 4:45 the same time I was making dinner. After the dough rise, I punched it down and rolled it out. During this part I had a little helper standing on a chair right in front of my dough. First she put her hand print in it and than she kept grabbing and pulling off pieces of it on the side. I wish I had a pic of her but my phone was charging upstairs and I had butter all over my hands. I don't want to tell you how long it took me to make in between trying to meet the needs of my toddler feeding us dinner etc. Kasey went to bed but I waited for them to cool and put the second layer of frosting on. Here is the blog post I got the recipe from.
Here are my pics.
Before baking
After baking and first layer of frosting.
W second layer of frosting. 

Oh my it was so good but way rich, don't eat the whole thing like I did. Okay now I am on a diet and can't eat anymore. It was a fun experience and fun to be patient or more like work as fast as I could before my child destroyed it, lol.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Little Dipper

So we have discovered Faith likes to dip her food. Some items she wouldn't eat. 

We were eating chicken nuggets I cooked in the oven(she isn't big on chicken), Kasey dipped them in BBQ sauce and she was golden. She loves eating veggies in ranch, too. Of course she is cute and puts her finger in it too. 
Our messy little girl w ranch on her face!

Added 6-16-14
She now even knows the bottle of ranch that we have to hide it from her. She wants to dip everything. We had to say no on something's.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Easter crafts

I saw someone on my FB made this cute wreath, so I looked it up on Pinterest.
It turned out really cute. I was a little late. I made it three days before Easter. I really wanted a wreath for Easter. The bad side is all the color faded off the peeps. I am so bad it's June and it's still on my door w white peeps, lol. I need to throw it out.