Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bedroom transformation

First I have to say I am not good at blogging. It is my intention but it doesn't happen. In the beginning of August we decided to do some bedroom remodel/ change things around. Our AC vent was right at the head of the bed almost part way under the bed. Our room has always been about 10 degrees hotter or a little more than downstairs. We do have central air. I just couldn't live w out it. I get so hot(grandma always said I had good cirrulation). If I over heat I am not a happy camper. I just couldn't handle it and I said ok we need to see what we can do. So I thought about how things could be moved and changed. One afternoon we spent most of the time changing our room. Ha and w a toddler who got into everything as we worked on it. 

I didn't remember to take before pics but this is after. 

Believe me when I tell you it looks so much better. We have even more room also. 

You wouldn't believe how much cooler our room is w the bed not being just part way on it. We love it! 
We also got a chance to clean up a bunch of clutter and junk we had in our room, I don't know but some how that stuff multiplies. I was planning on moving the pictures around and as I see I haven't gotten to that yet. And also putting up some pics of Faith in our room. 

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