Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taylor Swift concert

In the end of May i went to the Taylor Swift concert with my older sister Erica ad my little baby sister Rebecca(she won't like i refered to her has baby). It was the first time i had been to a concert since i thik the american Idol concert years ago and than in high school. This was the best concert i have been too! I just love Taylor Swift! My friend Kim has a pic w her and Taylor before she was so popular.I felt we had really good seats. it was fun doing somethig as sisters. I thik my younger sister was sad she wasn't there w her friends i guess who wants to hang out w a bunch of old people(to a teenager) at a concert. It was also her first concert ad i tried to get her to stand up and wave her arms and to cheer! She just looked at me funny so i pulled her up and grabbed her arms as she just laughed at me like i was just silly and like we were a bunch of weirdos.

may 2009 Matt Grad high school

In may of 2009 my brother matthew graduated from Eagle high school. He is the second to the last child. We are very proud of him!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

march of 09 gayle & kids

Ben Madilynn Lillian

In the end of March of 09 my sister gayle moved back here w her 2 daughters ad her 2 sons my nieces& nephews) from New Mexico. It was finally the first day outside it was nice. It was a sunday afternoon. We met at the park in Nampa w Gayle(kids), my mom ad my young sis. I was pushing the kids on the swings and taking there pics some how i am missing pic of William(he was just a baby i remember) I rmember it was a very nice quality family time w just the 3 adults and the kids and thinking how greatful i am for spring(it is my fav time of year) when we are blessed w the warmer weather or it starting to come. and the time we get to spend outside.