Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pink eye/A much needed fun day off!

Friday i found out i had pink eye and got sent home from work i guess casue it is so contagious, so i went to the doc and yes i had pink eye and got drops for my eyes..who knows where i got that from. but its much better and after 24 hrs its not contagious(my sister is a nurse).

Today i had the day off cause i was supposed to go to a co workers wedding that got postponed, i decided to keep my day off and enjoy and i went to a purse party. An old co worker invited me over. It was nice to come to her house and visit for a bit. But no i didn;t buy any purses(i didn't like them and price was to high). It was in Kuna so after i went and picked up Lisa's girls(those are my two nieces). We went to Boise to the Overland Park theater to see a movie.(Diary of a Wimpy Kid) We ran into the kids grandma Dowdle, she had some of their cousins and their brother w her. It was funny we ended up going to the same movie at the same place. After we left the theater my two nieces, nephew and me stopped at my work for a sec. Than onto home we went back to Kuna. But we had to stop and get a snack since it wasn't dinner time but everyone was hungry. So we stopped at Artic circle and got some fries And a drink. Its so cool they give out free complementry mini ice cream cones if you buy something there. Than i took them home. It was a really fun day. That was the first time i went to the movie since last nov when i saw new moon. I wish i had brought my camera but i forgot it. Lisa had the girls all dressed up and their hair done so cute, she does the cutest things w the girls hair.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

shredding paper for 2 days-real fun

Okay so i have been shredding paper for 2 days now. I had to go threw so much mail and shred stuff. It would been sure nice if the other half did his part and took responsibility. cause i think i am going to go crazy if i have to shred another piece which i do so i will be going crazy. I think my brain is mush. Someones stuff just went in the trash ha not my problem. And than i need to go threw the bills. someone from work offered to help me so as soon as i am done w this part i will have her help me. here are some pics of the mess.