Monday, April 13, 2009

My Birthday & Valentines day!

My Birthday was Feb 8th. We went to the Ramonos Macaroni Grill to celebrate with some of our friends. We love Italian food, and that is one of my Favorite places to eat. Happy Birthday to me! I got a Professional flat iron for my hair(i love it, so worth it)

Valentines Day! Feb 14

On Valentines day we went out with our friends Sapna and James. We went to dinner at Red Robin(which was the only place on that night that wasn't an hour plus wait). After we went Bowling.
Which was pretty fun cause it had been a very long time since i bowled.
Sapna & James

Jan 09 McCall winter carnival

Winter carnival Jan 09. McCall, ID

We went to McCall and stayed in our cabin over the weekend in the end of Jan with my Family. On that Saturday we went to the parade. and after we spent the day looking at the Ice Sculptures.

Me and Brett on the bridge of the Sculpture

It was the first weekend so the sculptures were in pretty good shape, they had some pretty neat ones

My friend Stephanie with her Son Joey