Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jesse and Jake 11 months old

These are my Nephews, Jesse and Jake. They are Identical twins. They are now 11 months old. And they can both walk now, poor two at once to get into everything, JK. They are so dang cute!!!I think i have the cutest nephews in the world, lol! Serious!

Time Out for Women/endowments weekend

On Sept 18 I went to Time out for women w my sister Lisa, her mother in law(Betty) and her other relatives. I went and picked Lisa up in Kuna we were like 20 mins late so i think we missed the first part. It was inspiring and i loved the music. They had a group there called Mercy River, which i loved!
For lunch Betty ordered us all lunch from the Beanery on our first break. If you haven't ever eaten at the Beanery oh it is so good, just like a home cooked meal. So we sat outside(like a patio area, it was so beautiful outside) and ate lunch together.
It was such a spiritual day! Lisa Mother in law paid for my ticket and wouldn;t ;let me pay her back, she is so sweet she said she figured out i needed it the most out of everything i went threw this last year, I love her. Lisa is so blessed to have her as a mother in law i am so greatfull, now i need to make thank you cards for all the people i need to send thanks you cards too! There was a pic of us taken and when i get a copy of it i will post it in here.

There was a a few speakers the night before but as my brother decided to take out his endowments which we had already bought our tickets way back. we went to that friday night which was way more importnant. It was really neat to be a part of that and cool cause my friend Liz sister April got to be part of that session. I introduced her to my crazy family. afterwards we all went to Red Robbin as a family to eat a very late dinner.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well since my divorce was final i had to make it fun and not a sad thing. The way I found out was little shocking to me, cause it was so fast and i found out the day after it was all done! I planned a date to go out and have fun w the girls..sorry if i forgot to ask any of you. But most cause of scheduling, kids & etc couldn't make it. So just me and Trina went out and Cristal met us. We went to the Mona Lisa for dinner and dessert. I didn't use my head about going there(since one of my loving friends wanted to smack me for that, Love ya!!) I picked up the love letters that night from over a year ago and that did make it a little sad(stupid me). At least Trina made i fun and made light of it, and made me laugh. I will tell you i won't be going there again, at least not for a long time! than just the two of us went downtown Boise there was supposed to be a place where all LDs people go for salsa Dancing..but that wasn;t so when we got down there, well not on Sat nights..its friday nights i found out! Which i would love to learn salsa dancing! So we just went on..and did some other stuff down there and hung out! I still want to do something fun w a bunch of people but i don;t want to be celebrating this as it's not really a celebration i want to celebrate life instead..celebrating a new adventures!!:)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Neither The Man without the Woman

After all our life and love together, Years of being faithful, being true, after all our struggles, our hoping and our dreaming, What will be the meaning when it's through?

Now we take our journey up together, Stepping through a door to something new! Now we will discover the meaning of forever, knowing the fullness is for two.

Neither the man without the woman, Neither the woman without the man, we will go on----- finding at last what all love songs reach for but never can grasp!

Life and love on earth is but a shadow of heavenly things our eyes cannot yet see. Still I know for certain beyond that final curtain for heaven to be heaven it must be---

Neither the man without the woman, Neither the woman without the man, we will go on----- finding at last what all love songs reach for but never can grasp!

This is the life of our father and mother--- Meant for their children, too. Their lives and their loves expanding forever, a covenant made everlastingly new!

Neither the man without the woman, Neither the woman without the man, we will go on----- finding at last what all love songs reach for but never can grasp!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


"In Doctrine and Covenants section 25, the Lord counsels each of His beloved daughters, you and me, to 'walk in the paths of virtue' (v.2). You are not common. You are not ordinary. You are daughters of God. You carry within yourselves the sacred power to create life. It is one of God's greatest gifts to His precious daughters, and you must safeguard that power by living the standards and remaining virtuous. You must safeguard your power through purity of thought and action. By so doing, you, your family, and the generations that follow will be strengthened and blessed. President Brigham Young taught that 'the strength of Zion is in the virtue of her sons and daughters' (Letters of Brigham Young to His Sons, ed. Dean C. Jesse [1974], 221)."You must guard your own virtue and help others rise to the divinity that is within. In every sense, you are a guardian of virtue. President David O. McKay taught that 'a woman should be queen of her own body' (in Conference Report, Apr. 1952, 86). 'Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?' (1 Corinthians 3:16). My question to each of you is, If we don't stand for virtue, who will?" Elaine S. Dalton, "Come Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the Lord," Ensign, May 2009

I know that virtue is a new value added to the personal progress, which i want to redo my personal progress......

sorting of the clothes project & ROTFL

So i started working on this project this week of sorting threw bags of clothes i have. So for those that don;t know i have lost a ton of weight(well some say ya you lost about 300 lbs of dead weight, lol!) When i moved in March me and my friend liz went threw a bunch of my clothes. At that time we gave 12 bags to DI(but i had a lot of old things from a long time ago that i never cleared out). You know i work for macys just in case you don;t know, lol! Okay so my new goal is I will never buy more clothes that can;t fit in my closet! But I still had a lot of things in bags from when i moved here. I just never had time to deal w it as i had lots of other stuff that i had to do. I made a pile for DI, a pile for me to try to take to a consignment shop and a pile for my friend Trina. After i was all done i took 4 bags to DI but one bag was a king size comforter set. I am still working on my pile for the consignment shop as a lot of the clothes i moved in w no longer fit. And than i have a pile also for ebay so i can get back to selling on Ebay agian(which i really like doing that a lot). I had 4 bags for Trina to go threw, i took those over on Friday night after i got off work. She had rented out the club house so her kids could have movie night, pizza and fun!(the kids were over on the couch area watching their movie) So right on the floor there we started going threw the clothes that she would want! We were having a good time laughing, giggle and stuff like silly little girls or something. Well i had some really nice bras i had from Lane Bryant that i hardly wore(i know some people might think gross, but they were like new) (their too big as my sister would say my girls shrunk even). some guy walks in the club house wanting some info(which she lets him know it is closed as she had it rented out) she said something i forgot and he was smiling as he left. we realized the bras were all over the ground lol, and than just started to laugh and than we got a little crazy. We took pics and i was just about ROTFL! That was a fun evening.