Friday, July 30, 2010

life... :(

Sometimes i wish i new where life was taking me..sometimes my faith is so strong and sometimes its not..i want to ask why does life have to be so hard, but i know i can't ask why..there is a bigger picture and i can't see all the pieces to the puzzle..but i am lacking faith right now that i need to work on..i swear if i volunteer for this i must have been crazy..having my heart ripped out..but i am working on repairing the damage now and my faith will come back. All i need is love( i mean i do feel love & comfort from the savior!) 
May 16 2014
Sometimes we just need to be patient and have Faith. Trust in The Lord. When we put our Faith in him, do what we are suppose to and he will guide us to wonderful things! Life is hard because we must feel loss, sorrow, pain to feel happiness, joy, love etc. it's part of the plan. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Me and my friend Jennifer B went on a girls night out on July 2nd(friday night). We first went to dinner at Apple Bees(so love Apple Bees), She is my BFF and we don;t always get to go out, rarely. We are both totally into Twilight, i have read all the books. We are both team Edward all the way, no team Jacob here! Than we went to the Movie Eclipse, we went on a GNO last year and saw New Moon, also. Okay Eclipse totally rocked!! I am going to see it again w my sis lisa when it comes to the dollar theater. We both had a pretty good night, and enjoyed the time we got to visit and catch up. After the movie was over it was pouring(like really pouring) rain so we ran in the rain to the car w our purses held above our heads. So at least we wouldn't get totally soaked. I would not to brag but we both looked pretty hot lol! We had people take pics of us and we are silly girls and took pics in the car of us after the rain.

Friday, July 2, 2010


okay my biggest fear is spiders and i was in the shower and there was a big spider(size of a quarter) above me in the shower, i screamed like 3 times and than the dang thing almost fell on me i had to get out all wet to get a rag to fling it mom asked why were you screaming ...i have arachnophobia lol!!!