Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cornia Baby

oh wow can it be!
We are so happy to announce we are going to have a baby! This is a huge miracle from heavenly father! We feel blessed beyond words can describe! I remember praying so much for this when i was in the temple in July to my surprise i was already pregnant, I just didn't know, lol. I also remember reading an article i the June Ensign that i want to share. . I remember as i read this message it gave me great peace at heart. I thank my heavenly father for all the blessings. I do know in return for these amazing blessings he is asking just a few things but of us.
Yes it really is!

Just one baby!
Ok so info: I am 7 weeks pregnant and we are due March 20 2013. The baby had a great heartbeat and is healthy and perfect. I do have some complications. I have uterine fibroid s. Mine are pretty big and one is right under the baby. The big one is to the side of the baby and the one causing me pain. The baby feels no pain just me. I get dual or sharp pains. There isn't anything they can do about them beside just watch them. They may grow w my uterus or they may not, they can even lose blood supply and die(which is good but will hurt me). We will pray everything will be OK. And we both know it will be!
I have a good strong heatbeat!

I am in 4D the head and the body!
We love you baby!