Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas day! Yes a little late...

Christmas day!~ It was a wonderful day! We went for brunch(which was just yummy) at about noonish over to my sister Erica's house. In my family we do a gift exchange instead of buying gifts for everyone.

So the children(my nieces and nephews) exchanges names with each other.

Maci got her very own table with even her name on it.

And after the children had there gift exchange we did ours. We played a gift exchange game. Keegan was a big little helper.

My Little sis Rebecca

My Grandma Pearman

And now i have saved the best and cutest for last. These are 2 vidoes of Lisa's kids. Maci is reciting her Pledge of Allegiance she learned in Preschool(she is 3yrs old) and Brock is reciting his school honor pledge(he is 5yrs old).

We had a very merry Christmas. We are so greatful for our family and the birth of the savior Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas sewing priojects

So i finally finished some sewing projects i started a couple of years ago. It's not that it was hard just always never had the time. I am also late at bloging so no i didn't just finish them recently either. I made some stockings w a pretty easy pattern. Actually i think i started making these in Enrichment(lol).
I used the same Pattern and made a Christmas tree skirt last year and i was making another one just with some differnent fabric this year. I am so proud of my self cause this is one of my new talents. I can't sew much(just a beginner) but for what i have done i feel i can go on to learn much more. I did take sewing in 4h when i was a kid but lets be honest my mom sewed most all our projects. After trying to teach us and being so patient, it just didn;t work out so good. Lol!