Thursday, June 4, 2009

Arizonia & San Diego

Cali & Becky in the moon caves

So on march 20 we left for our vacation during spring break to Arizonia to see Andrea and Family. It was just me, my mother, sis Becky, Lisa and her 3 kids. We drove and decided to drive it in one day(wow that was really a mistake, Mapqwest is wrong it takes much longer than it says, but oh well) It was so nice to get to see Andrea and my sweet neices who i missed so much and still do!
Jade at the park
I had never been to AZ before and it was nice as it was cold here at the time(but im glad im not there now). It was cool to see the palm trees everywhere and i was just amazed at all the fruit trees everywhere, you can have your own lemon tree in your backyard. We celebrated some of the kids bdays while we were there. Happy Bday Maci &Brooke Brett flew in the following mid-week to my surprise, cause he missed me so much and wanted to see San deigo. The day before we left we drove to San Deigo. That time of year San Deigo was just amazing, i just didn't want to come home. First we went to the San Deigo Temple. Wow that was just so amazing, even more beautiful then in pics. So of course we took a lot of pics there. Than we wet to The Birch Aquarium At scripps. That was really neat and the kids just loved it. And than onto the beach. Which was cool cause i could say i'm laying on the beach while everyone in Idaho was just hating the cold and for once i got to be that person who wished she was in a tropical place, lol. The next day we headed back home but along the way we stopped in Vegas. Vegas was interesting, you just had to remember to look straight adhead(not at the people trying to had you a card(and if you don't already know whats on it don't ask and don't look at the ground)) We went to the M&M world store.
Monte Carlo and Paris Paris hotels.
Becky in the M&M store in the tour of how they make an M&M
And last before we left we went to Mcdonalds for dinner(at that point we were all out of money, so had to go cheap) The lights at night on the hotels, the water show & Etc it was just very cool! We can't wait to go back just me and Brett to get to see everything. And when we got home it was home sweet home or bed sweet bed, we were so tired, i slept all day!