Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas candy making

So this year i made Christmas candy. One thing i made new, this year was truffles. I made coconut cream w dark chocolate and mint chocolate cream with white chocolate. This is a pic of the filling setting in the fridge.
I got the recipe from and i made a little modification to it. There are many recipes for truffles to choose from so check them out if you want.
And than the finish product. Everytime i make something its always a learning experience, i learn what not to do and what i should have done to improve to make it even better. Melting in the microwave is so much easier and less likely to over heat chocolate like on the stove.
I was told they were quite a hit(mostly the coconut ones). can't wait to try out a different flavor.
Coconut truffles
8oz of Bakers white chocolate or i was able to sub w white choco chips for this part(melt in microwave 30 sec at a time)
8oz of cream cheese soften
1.5 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp. coconut extrat(can be sub for any flavor)
1/2 cup coconut flakes(use less or more as you desire)
Beat cream cheese, mix in chocolate, sugar and the rest. Refridgerate fillig for one hour ad than roll into balls and place on wax paper. Refridge one hour.
12 oz bakers semi sweet bakers chocolate(you can not sub w choco chips)
Melt chocolate and dip truffles and place on wax paper until they setup

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BSU vs. Fresno State game

We went to the BSU vs. Fresno State game on black friday(that was this past friday). It was the last game of the season beside the bowl game they play at. We sat in the south Endzone and it was pretty fun. BSU crushed Fresno and no doubt they would, lol!

I look terrible in this pic cause i was so tired i had been up since 2:50 since i had to work that day at 4:45am and there was no time for nap since game started at 4pm.

This was my best pic, lol! It was freezing cold out and i wore flip flops, but they matched my game clothes. From, working all day on my feet my toes weren't even cold.
We had a great time at the game!