Thursday, February 10, 2011

3rd flat & My birthday

This year i turned 34 my birthday was feb 8th! On the day before me, my sisters and my mom went to lunch at Apple Bees to celebrate. Than after me and Lisa went shopping. We went to Hobby Lobby, okay i have never been there and that is a really neat craft store. I found the cutes ribbon for V-day that said hugs and kisses on it and some other cute stuff. And also not to overly priced was really nice too. On Tue feb 8th i went to work like any other day and had a really good day. My of friends family and co workers made it a very specail day for me. When i got off work my best friend Jennifer Suprised me w a birthday cake and i was so greatfull, we had had a lot of cake lately we decided not to make a cake for my bday, so it was sweet suprise! she was waiting outside of my work to give to me and other stuff. I am very greatful for the wonderful gifts i was given thank you so much. Kasey had a necklace & Earrings made for me w my favorite color on it, its really cute(i would have to say thanks Nicki @ Kaseys work for making lol) Than i went to meet my mother for dinner at smokey mountain pizza. Than i came home and we celebrated my bday w my mom and becky(you know blowing out the candles and such) Than off i went to meet Lisa at the Movies i think it was called"How do you know" On my way to the movie i got a flat tire, don;t ask how i got it. I was in the middle of know where and not sure what to do. I was pulled over by a small sub in the country. A man came out to see if i needed help from his house(as they thought i was trying to graffitti there fence lol, you see me doing that). He offered me a ride back to his house while he worked on my car to wait as i will remind you it was like freakin cold out. I had to trust the spirit that all was ok and he invited me in their house and i met his wife so i could keep warm. About 45 mins later they got my car fixed and i was able to be on my way so at this point i missed about 35 mins of the movie when i got their. But at least it was only a dollar movie. And it ended up being a really good movie i will have to rent to see the first part of it! The next day i went to get my tire fixed and it was ruined as i just bought new tires in Jan but at cost so i had to buy a new tire but at least at cost agian. Kasey came and helped me as i was stressed and took me to a quick lunch. I seem to be famous for flats!