Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I made oatmeal, coconut, mini semi sweet & mini butterscotch chip cookies last night!

I made oatmeal, coconut, mini semi sweet& mini butterscotch cookies last night. This is the first dessert i made since Jan., which is a mile stone for me. And not to be too proud of myself but i would say they turned out pretty good. I did get the recipe from my sweet friend Jennifer B. I am going to share them with the people i visit teach. I think i am going to have to make more as i have had tons of other request, lol.they got eaten before i got a pic. But i think i am going to make Banana bread instead and the trick is giving it away, lol!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tee Ball game

I went to my niece Maci tee ball game on thursday after work. It was so cute to see a 5 year old try to hit the ball. And to see them run base to base. Sometimes some of them didn;t know what to do, to run or not lol. I forgot my digital camera and so had to use the camera on my phone which isn;t good quality pics. I also took some pics of the twins. As me, my mom, becky, Betty(lisa mother in law) & lisa sat there watching w the babies. They can now sit up and are just barely six months old. How time flies! they will just sit there and play and play as long as they have baby toys. Their so cute and so is Maci!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bra Fitting

So yesterday i went and got a bra fitting at macys(my work). They were getting ready for a big event for today 5-7-10. To show Breast cancer awareness, which for every fitting 2 dollars was being donated to Breast cancer awareness and of course to sell Bras, lol. If the employees came up before the event to get fitted we got to wear denim today. So oh course that was motivation enough for me to get to wear denim today. So yes i wore jeans to work, which i loved! Oh course i was a little disappointed no one told me we could wear a pink top as hence we wear all black to work everyday! So i wore a black top w my jeans but oh well. And than they had a board you could write a story on if you knew someone that had breast cancer. So i decided to write my story about my grandma and i talked to her about it few days before i did it. I knew i could write my story on the board. So she gave me some more info about it. She had Breast cancer many years ago, it was caught so early on, so she is a survivor and at 94 is still ticking and going, lol! So with my weight loss i found out my bras are huge and way to big. I was totally wearing the wrong size bra. It was great to try on a bra that fit right! So i planned today a couple of weeks ago and i took Rebecca out of school early and took her to macys w me and got her a bra fitting. She told me what size she was wearing and i knew there was no way she wore that size. I think she liked the special treatment she got of people bring her bras to try on. It was some nice quality time spent together. Than after i went off to work. Maybe i will post pics of our bras lol, don;t worry not on us, lol! oh and i was totally kidding about posting any pics at all!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Haircut !! April 30 2010

After work i went and got my haircut! I had been counting the days down and was so happy it was finally here, ya!!!!Had kind of a bad morning but i recovered and pulled it together(over a week of peace i should have excepted something to go wrong by now!). Plus i needed an attitude adjustment, which took me all day to get. But in the end of the work day i topped over my sales goal and was pleased! So than it was off to my appointment. And than i went and visited an old coworker at her house...and it was really late when i got home wow too late!