Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Little Dipper

So we have discovered Faith likes to dip her food. Some items she wouldn't eat. 

We were eating chicken nuggets I cooked in the oven(she isn't big on chicken), Kasey dipped them in BBQ sauce and she was golden. She loves eating veggies in ranch, too. Of course she is cute and puts her finger in it too. 
Our messy little girl w ranch on her face!

Added 6-16-14
She now even knows the bottle of ranch that we have to hide it from her. She wants to dip everything. We had to say no on something's.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Easter crafts

I saw someone on my FB made this cute wreath, so I looked it up on Pinterest.
It turned out really cute. I was a little late. I made it three days before Easter. I really wanted a wreath for Easter. The bad side is all the color faded off the peeps. I am so bad it's June and it's still on my door w white peeps, lol. I need to throw it out.

Easter-not so good at blogging

It was a wonderful weekend. Faith went to her first Easter egg hunt.                                   
She had lots of fun. Mommy helped get the eggs. 
I think my lense was dirty, why they are blurry. It was a perfect beautiful weekend.  Just perfect to reflect on Christ and how blessed we are because of him. 

Mommy and Faith! Daddy had to work that Saturday. 

She played on the toys and ate grilled hotdogs. 

Her very first train ride. The first thing she did when I sat her down was she grabbed the wheel. She wasn't sure what to think but she didn't cry. Her cousin was in the front. 
That was a very special Sunday. Church was wonderful. After we talked about Easter. How wonderful we get to celebrate what Christ did for us always and etc. I changed her out of her Easter dress before I remembered to take a picture. Oh well this is cute too. I let her eat some candy and than momma and daddy ate the rest in a week, opps. Lol!

To end the day we went to the park and she had her first swing ride of the season. She loved it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Upper Endoscopy

On Tuesday May 24 i had an upper Endoscopy procedure done. I am always so nervous before any procedure or surgery,I  get anxiety really bad. So i told the nurse and they were all so nice. They started it at 7:45am. I believe my nurse gave me something for the anxiety and the sedative for the procedure. I am going to tell you as soon as it kicked in i was out like no tomorrow. I read up on it and sometimes people are slightly awake for this. Kasey told me some funny things when i started coming too. I guess the Dr came in to talk about the results and tried to talk to me and i was so not coherent, mumbling etc, i have no memory of seeing the Dr after. Kasey relayed the info to me. The Dr told me before that I do for sure have a brand new diaphragmatic hernia over to the far left and a belly button hernia. We talked about surgery and at the moment my mind is going over it"I do not want surgery at all but mostly not now". He said we would talk more later. After the upper endoscopy the DR told Kasey I have gastritis and it could mimic the pain i thought i was having from the diaphragmatic hernia. I was put on two medications for 30 days. So far i have been pain free. The Dr said i could live w the hernia for now. Because we want to have more kids pregnancy just weakens my diaphragm, he said i would increase my risk of another surgery if we repaired it now. So we will just have to see how things go.....Ok now i am going to tell you the funny parts. They should have let me come more too before they sent me on my way. I couldn't even stand up so the nurse had me wheeled out in a wheel chair. These two cute little grannys wheeled me to the lobby, i remember. I asked if i could take my soda w me. When we got to the lobby i just dropped it and soda was everywhere so they had to clean it up first. My sister watched Faith and she said she couldn't understand what i said, I was slurring my words. It was Kasey Birthday and he was playing videos on is phone of his nieces and nephews singing him happy Birthday. I remember asking him if it was my birthday, but than remembered right after why did i ask that. I told Kasey I just couldn't stay awake. I woke up at noon and i felt great. I have never been so out of it before, yikes, i felt so silly after. But i said lets go to lunch for your birthday and we did. It really wasn't that bad. Poor Kasey on his birthday. He is such a good husband.