Monday, July 21, 2014

First time making cinnamon rolls

Ok so I had pinned this recipe from this blog a long time ago. I got this huge craving for cinnamon rolls. I decided ok I am going to make this for our FHE treat. I started at 4:45 the same time I was making dinner. After the dough rise, I punched it down and rolled it out. During this part I had a little helper standing on a chair right in front of my dough. First she put her hand print in it and than she kept grabbing and pulling off pieces of it on the side. I wish I had a pic of her but my phone was charging upstairs and I had butter all over my hands. I don't want to tell you how long it took me to make in between trying to meet the needs of my toddler feeding us dinner etc. Kasey went to bed but I waited for them to cool and put the second layer of frosting on. Here is the blog post I got the recipe from.
Here are my pics.
Before baking
After baking and first layer of frosting.
W second layer of frosting. 

Oh my it was so good but way rich, don't eat the whole thing like I did. Okay now I am on a diet and can't eat anymore. It was a fun experience and fun to be patient or more like work as fast as I could before my child destroyed it, lol.

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Farnsworth Family said...

Yum!!! Nice work, especially with your little helper doing her part. If it makes you feel better, I used to be my mom's little helper and there was nothing better than getting snitches of dough (bread, cookie, you name it). Faith has a good mama! :)